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Promote your work while getting feedback or provide feedback to others.

To Review/Rate Media
1) Click the link to the left of this questionmark.
2) Select the item you which to rate (there is a question mark at the top left of this page that takes you to video tutorials that give details on this.
3) View the video. You can pause it by clicking in the radio-buttons (a series of 5 choices from 1 to 5), or on a pause-button if that is supplied, and then enter your comments.
4) You must click SAVE after each comment.
To Post Media
1) Select "POST NEW CONTENT" on this page.
2) If you have not registered then please do so. If you have registered but not logged in, please log in.
3) Enter video information into form
4) Submit page. The video will play for a few seconds, and if the playing is successful, the video will be saved.
To use this website, you need JavaScript enabled. Currently you have it turned off.

Viewers - Give an opinion
Click here to rate a performance, a lecture, a conversation, a screenplay or a speech
Posters of content - Get feedback!
Post new content(lectures, videos, creative writing)
See viewer comments
on your content
Posters of content - Advanced options
Customize your content with radios, text fields, checkboxes...
Manage content and users
Demographics questionnaires
Search for comments and/or storyboards

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