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Why emails?
We use emails to uniquely identify you. The email Is also needed for the owner of a video to be able to contact you or a viewer of your video to be able to contact you. If you are concerned about anonymity we suggest that you create an email with a pseudonym on a site such as gmail.
Why a security question?
If you ever forget your password, you can store a question and an answer with us that enables you to retrieve it. Do not put personal information such as 'mother's maiden name' or birthday, the standard questions asked by banks. Just come up with a question you know the answer to, that a hacker would not know.
It is best to choose a username that is unique and easy to remember. A good way to do that is to choose a username that is composed of multiple words. A username such as 'BlackDakotaHorse' or 'IntellectualBicyclist' is more likely to be unique than 'joe' and easier to remember than 'justme349'.
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