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About Us

about me If you are creating something new - a video, an art work, an advertisement, or an invention - you generally want feedback from a small, intelligent audience before you release it.
If you are a teacher, you might want feedback on how to make your lectures more interesting or clearer. If you are running for public office, you might want to find what people really think when they hear the various assertions in your speeches.
RateforSuccess lets people give opinions throughout a video (or document) that you present them with.
Not only can users make any comments immediately at the point where they have a reaction, but they can select ratings (or other measures that you design) so that you can chart the average response of many viewers. For instance, if you are a teacher, you can chart what parts of your lecture catch students' attention, and if you find on the chart segments that are low, you can focus on the associated comments by your students at those segments.
Videos and documents that you put up can be public -  viewable by any user of the website - or they can be private, which means you can restrict viewing to people that you specify.
Our company, Zofian LLC, is a startup located in Highland Park, New Jersey. We hope that this site will help those open to feedback navigate the road to success (and our road to success!).